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By registering on homeforlist.com, you are agreeing to the following:

  1. To be bound by the homeforlist.com membership Terms & Conditions and Disclaimer.
  2. That you are an adult and are of the age that it is legal for you to enter into a contract,  in Canada and United States this is 18 years and older.
  3. Waive any claim related to the inclusion, exclusion, placement or removal of my listing and/or account on homeforlist.com.
  4. Receive periodic email related to your account, newsletters or announcements from/about homeforlist.com


Information posted to your listing and your profile page will be shown publicly; ie; phone number, location of the home and any information you publish in your listing and profile.

Your listing will expire according to the package you choose, we recommend that you visit your dashboard from time to time in order to get updated on the expiry dates of each of your listings.  HomeForList/homeforlist.com does not store your data once a listing has expired and all information such as photos, listing information and any other upload related to the listing will be deleted by our system upon expiry. HomeForList/homeforlist.com will send you an email two to three days before your listing is about to expire, it is your responsibility to renew that listing and HomeForList/homeforlist.com is not responsible for the loss of such data should you fail to extend your listings’ expiry date. It is also your responsibility to check your email spam/junk folder as sometimes email may be marked automatically as spam by your email service provider.

The service provided by HomeForList/homeforlist.com is a monthly service. Once you pay your first month, you will be automatically charged your monthly fee each, and every month.  If you choose to cancel your account and do so before the end of your monthly cycle, no refund will be issued.  The service is paid by credit card and HomeForList/homeforlist.com is not responsible if your credit card service does not authorize your payment in which case your account and listings would be automatically considered a cancelled account and listings until your account was paid for.  HomeForList/homeforlist.com is not responsible for the storage of information on an unpaid account, and, does not guarantee that the information will remain on the server for accounts that remain unpaid. 

Please see more account maintenance at the bottom.


HomeForlist/homeforlist.com does not condone, support, or confirm any third-party opinions expressed on homeforlist.com and will remove any offensive material. Any member who uses the services of HomeForlist/homeforlist.com may not make inappropriate changes to their listing. Users may not display inappropriate pictures or information that will offend other users of this site. If information such as this is displayed on homeforlist.com, that member who displayed this material will have their listing removed, and, may lose their membership, and, may or may not receive a refund, if they do it will be pro-rated; this will depend on the reason for the removal of the listing. Any claims of advice through a listing or third-party article are not the

advice of HomeForlist/homeforlist.com and this site does not condone or substantiate any advice provided by users of this site and Homeforlist/homeforlist.com is not allowed and will not provide legal advice. For legal advice, please seek an attorney.


The information and services included within the service provided by HomeForList/homeforlist.com may include inaccuracies or typographical errors.

Changes may be periodically made to this information please visit this page to check for updates. HomeForList/homeforlist.com, and/or their respective suppliers may make improvements and/or changes in the Service at any time.  When changes have been made you will see the date that the Terms, Conditions and Disclaimer came into effect ie:  if you joined our service and the date was December 2019 and we have made changes to this page in January 2020 you will see the date as January, 2020

HomeForlist/homeforlist.com does not represent or claim that the Service will be error-free or that service will be uninterrupted, or, that defects will be corrected or that data may or may not be lost due to server issues.

HomeForList/homeforlist.com is not responsible for any third-party errors that may be made while using their service, ie; printers or payments made through third party vendors.

HomeForlist/homeforlist.com also does not guarantee that the service provided by the site and/or the server that makes it available, are free of virus or other harmful components.

HomeForlist/homeforlist.com does not claim or represent that the use of/or the results of the use of the service or the materials made available as part of the service will be correct, accurate, reliable or timely.

You agree that HomeForlist/homeforlist.com shall not be responsible for unauthorized access to or alteration of your transmissions of data sent/received or not sent/received, or any transactions the user enters into through the service.

You agree that HomeForlist/homeforlist.com is not responsible for any content sent using and/or included in the service by any third party/member.

You agree that HomeForlist/homeforlist.com is not responsible or liable for any threatening, defamatory, offensive or illegal content or conduct of any other party or any infringement of another’s rights, including intellectual property rights.

Account Maintenance and Information:

Please Note:

  1. Once a member/user publishes a listing, the listing is pending and not published until approval.   Pending listings are waiting for HomeForList/homeforlist.com’s approval. Approval is usually granted within 6 hours. 
  2. Once a listing is approved, it becomes visible to the public. Anytime a user/member edits his listing’s media (i.e. photos, panoramas), the listing becomes pending again and not visible to the public (this ensures that no rules are violated in the media and content of the listing), If a user/member edits text, on/off switches, the listing would not go through approval process again.
  3. Featured listings are located on the bottom of home page and search page. Featured listings are being randomly chosen from the database and presented on these pages, which means that a featured listing would not always be chosen from the database and shown. Featured listings are available with the ultimate package and on request.
  4. Account termination is possible through dashboard on the profile page. Once termination is clicked and confirmed, all information associated with the account i.e. contacts, photos, panoramas, videos, texts, etc. would be permanently deleted and unable to be restored. Please save all information before terminating an account. 

last updated: Feb 1, 2020

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